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Travel Diaries: Fun Facts of DenmarkIf you are interested to immigrate to Denmark under Denmark Green Card scheme, you need to qualify under Denmark immigration point’s calculator. Denmark immigration point’s calculator is a point’s based system, which is designed to evaluate the candidates’ eligibility to immigrate to Denmark.

Denmark Green Card Scheme

Denmark Green Card is for individuals who wish to work in the country. There are four types of schemes under which one can apply in order to work in Denmark. They include the Positive list, Denmark Green Card, Pay Limit Scheme and the Corporate Scheme. Out of all these schemes, Denmark Green Card is the most preferred option by people who wish to work in Denmark.

Denmark Green Card Scheme requirements

Applicants who are applying for Denmark Green Card scheme need to fulfill certain requirements which include:

  • Scoring the required points under Denmark immigration points calculator
  • Full health insurance coverage for you and dependent family members
  • Financial sufficiency

Denmark immigration Points Calculator for Indians

Denmark Green card applicants will be evaluated against a set of criteria to be eligible for Denmark immigration. Denmark Green card follows a point’s based system to assess the candidates’ eligibility against the requirements. Applicants need to score minimum 100 points under Denmark Green card points Calculator to qualify for Denmark immigration. Under the Denmark immigration points calculator, points will be allotted based on set of factors which include:

  • Educational qualification
  • Language proficiency
  • Age criteria
  • Work experience
  • Nature of adaptability

Benefits of Denmark Green Card

Qualified applicants of Denmark Green Card can be granted with a residence and work permit. If the applicant is granted with a residence permit under Denmark Green Card scheme then he/she need not obtain a work permit. A residence permit granted under the Denmark Green Card allows the applicants to carry paid or unpaid work. Denmark Green card holders will be able to reside in the country for the period of three years with the possibility of extension.

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