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Tourists from BRIC Countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) are visiting Denmark like never before. The number of tourists from these countries has exceeded the number of US tourists.   Denmark is a beautiful country with lots of tourist places. Places like H.C Andersen, Little Mermaid, Tivoli gardens, and Bakken are a must see in Denmark. Huge manors, palaces, and churches cannot be missed. People even wish to see the offshore wind farms of Denmark.   OpulentusDenmark is taking initiatives to ease the travel plans of tourists. It has already started a direct flight between Shanghai and Copenhagen. Copenhagen and some of its associates are planning into operate a direct route between and the Danish capital.   Brazilians and Russians also prefer Denmark rather than other developed countries. Tourism from Russia has seen a hike of 30% in the first half of 2012.   Schengen Visa allows an individual to travel all Schengen countries including Denmark for tourism, family or business visits up to a maximum of 90 days in a given 6 months period.   • This Visa allows a foreign visitor to stay up to 90 days in a given 6 month period • EU and EEA citizens do not require a Schengen Visa, but they need to show a valid nationality proof during travel.   Applicants with visa of 90 days or Schengen visa or tourist visa can get extension on their stay under unforeseen and new circumstances like;   • Health issues or illness • Participating event/meeting getting postponed   If you wish to apply for Denmark tourist visa or want to know about other kind of visas for Denmark, contact us on 1800 103 1555. Fill a simple Free Evaluation Form to see your chances of moving to Denmark.   Connect with us on Facebook.

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