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What made students to study in Denmark?

Situated at the Northern Europe, Denmark is the land of research and innovation. Denmark rolled out to be an attractive destination for foreign students who wish to study overseas. Owning highly ranked universities and educational institutions, the country offers excellent educational facilities for students who wish to study in Denmark. Boasted of lovely coastlines and astonishing baffling islands, most of the tourists immigrate to Denmark over each year.

Education in Denmark:

Study in Denmark offers students with broad array of programs ranging to graduate and undergraduate programs. Study programs in Denmark are categorized into three types which include higher educational program, Basic and youth study program and folk high school program. Study in Denmark enhances your thinking capabilities through which you can lead your life towards success.

Denmark Student Visa

Students who belong to European Union (EU) zone need not require a Denmark Student Visa given the satisfying the condition of enrolling in a full time course at a Denmark university. However, students who are outside the regions of EU/EEA or Nordic countries have to acquire a Denmark Student Visa to study in Denmark. Non-Danish citizens who wish to apply for Denmark Student Visa should hold qualifications which are equivalent to Danish entrance requirements.

Denmark Student Visa requirements

The following are the few requirements of Denmark Student visa:

  • Scores from CAE, IELTS and TOEFL tests
  • Must hold enough financial funds to meet their expenses during the stay in the country
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Students’ who wish to stay more than three months in Denmark need to obtain a registration certificate proving you are a citizen of EU.

Denmark Student Visa applicants are allowed to take up a short term or full time course and the duration of stay depends on the course you choose.

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